About Room to Move Yoga Classes

As a student at Room to Move Yoga, you are encouraged to discover and develop your yoga practice within your abilities and to honor your current limitations as possible gateways for transformation. Cultivating an open mind and heart and a sense of playful inquiry, you may begin to develop a greater sense of ease, balance, flexibility and strength in your body and mind—on and off the yoga mat.

Hatha yoga is an ancient body-based spiritual and health practice that explores the presence and movement of prana, the essential life-force energy, as it moves through the mind and body. The process of the practice may be described as the creative exploration and expression of prana. Through the mindful and sensitive practice of asana (seats/postures), pranayama (breath), and dhyana (meditation), the mind and body are brought into union. Within this union the opposing forces of nature come into balance. The sun and the moon (ha-tha), left and right energy channels (ida and pingela), negative and positive, all move into and out of harmony and balance. This practice offers an opportunity to play with and refine the influences of these natural forces. Experiencing the balance between strength and flexibility, and focused effort and ease, helps to bring about an overall sense of freedom and sukha (joy).

Before attending your first class, please read about our class levels below.


Level 1 - These classes focus on exploring basic asanas, breathing, meditation, and the fundamentals of yoga philosophy. Classes are designed to develop awareness, strength, flexibility, and overall balance. This level is intended for beginning students or those who have completed an introductory course.

Level 1-2 - Classes at this level include vinyasa (flow sequences) and introduce the fundamentals of inversions and backbends. These classes are appropriate for students who are already familiar with the basics and ready for a bit more of a challenge. Beginners welcome.

Level 2 - Dynamic, challenging, fun, actively energizing, and at the same time, deeply relaxing, these classes offer an opportunity to deepen your practice. The classes are often presented as vinyasa, and often include deeper backbends and inversions, pranayama, meditation and sound. This class level is intended for students who are somewhat familiar with vinyasa, inversions and backbends.