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Introduction to the Sentient Body

Sentient Body Explorations

with Lisa Marks, MA LMHC
Saturday November 4th, 2017
1:00 - 5:00p.m.
$60 or Prepay $50 by November 3rd

Contact Lisa regarding class fees and registration at (360) 385-7760 or

In Sentient Body Explorations we learn to catch subtle sensations in the body, and through movement discover these slight somatic experiences lead to deep and transforming moments. The body carries information essential to our life path, information that later appears in dreams, relationships, body symptoms and life events.


“Our sense of well being depends on unfolding subtle body sensations that reflect the underlying dreaming or essence level of reality... I have found that all body movements and symptoms can be traced back to these tiniest, most subtle, 'imaginary' experiences that precede their 'real' everyday appearances." —Arnold Mindell


We interact with these subtle body experiences through small and/or large movements, energy sketches and simple words to bring their messages into our consensus reality world. With short discussions, inner work exercises and demonstrations we touch into different levels of reality and learn to recognize communications from the underlying essence level in our bodies and in our lives. 

Email or call Lisa at (360) 385-7760 for more information.


"The instructor: warm, welcoming, enthusiastic AND well prepared/organized. This combination is NOT always the case in workshops! (I might even say it is rarely the case). Also, the flow between the informational and the experiential seemed about perfect, at least for me. It was like a series of building blocks, stairsteps - manageable, yet also exciting." —H.T., Eugene, OR