Ilana Smith

Ilana Smith

ILANA SMITH, LMP, CYT — Teacher & Founder of Room to Move

Ilana began her study of yoga and "moving from the inside out" in the late ’60s while she was performing and teaching various forms of traditional and improvisational dance and movement arts. Since her arrival in Port Townsend in 1982, she has taught dance, therapeutic movement, Authentic Movement, and yoga. She also has maintained her private practice in Integrative Psycho-structural Bodywork. Ilana has offered classes and workshops locally; regionally in Seattle, and Oregon, and abroad in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and elsewhere. For the past several years, Ilana has been assisting Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten during their yoga workshops in the United States and in Greece.

Ilana's early formal yoga training was in the tradition of Ashtanga and Adaptive Yoga with master Indian teachers Pattabhi Jois, TKV Desikachar, and Baba Hari Das, and their American senior teachers. Later, she continued to study yoga with Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten. For the past 20 or more years of experience with Angela and Victor, Ilana's practice has continued to evolve with a sense of curiosity, personal discovery, improvisation and wonder.

Ilana values and enjoys both traditional and unconventional approaches to yoga, and blends these into her teaching. Her personal practice and teaching is imbued with the yoga principles of ahimsa (non-violence), and aparigraha, (non-hoarding, non-attachment). She has a deep understanding of experiential anatomy and movement and has trained in adaptive yoga therapy and Thai Yoga Massage, both of which can aid in movement re-patterning and injury rehabilitation.

Her motivation for teaching arises from her passion to share and witness the transformational potential of the yoga practice. With a sense of humor and compassion, Ilana invites students to explore and savor yoga's moment-to-moment process... to explore the balance between stira (effort) and sukha (ease/joy)... and to experience and refine a connection to the internal strength and wisdom of the body.

Regarding Ilana's classes, private yoga and massage, please contact her directly. (LIC. #MASS.MA0000339)