Ilana Smith, LMP, CYT

Teacher & Founder of Room to Move
License #MASS.MA.OOOO339

Ilana Smith

Ilana Smith

Ilana began her study of yoga and “moving from the inside out” in the late ‘60s while she was performing and teaching various forms of traditional and improvisational dance and movement arts. Ilana values and enjoys both traditional and unconventional approaches to yoga, and blends these into her teaching.

Her personal practice and teaching is imbued with the yoga principles of ahimsa (non-violence), and aparigraha, (non-hoarding, non-attachment). She has a deep understanding of experiential anatomy and movement and has trained in adaptive yoga therapy and Thai Yoga Massage, both of which can aid in movement re-patterning and injury rehabilitation. Her motivation for teaching arises from her passion to share and witness the transformational potential of the yoga practice.
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Personalized Practice, Healing & Therapy with Ilana

Private Yoga


Yoga traditionally was taught one-on one... as a personal therapeutic and spiritual practice. Private yoga sessions are helpful in developing a personally relevant and therapeutic practice. These sessions are also helpful for those who are considering joining an ongoing yoga class. A session includes a personal assessment, review of alignment and form, and time for questions about the various aspects of yoga. Together we will create and a personalized practice for you.


After the initial private yoga session, and after you have been practicing for a while, I invite and encourage you to follow-up sessions. We will check-in, review, enhance and/or modify your practice.

Integrative Psycho-structural Bodywork & Massage


These therapeutic treatments combine a variety of bodywork and massage release modalities including deep tissue techniques, compression, energy balancing, creative visualization and assisted stretching. The pressure can range from subtle to deep, and is based on the request and needs of the individual. They are offered on a table or floor mat. (Lic. #MASS.MA.0000339)

notice: Ilana is not currently scheduling appointments, but hopes to be resuming her massage & bodywork sessions in July 2019.

Authentic Movement

”The symbols of the self arise in the depths of the body“ —Jung,1940


Authentic Movement offers the opportunity to develop a deep, self-sensing awareness. As a practice, it bridges many traditions: therapy and meditation, ritual and improvisation. As a modality for individual process, Authentic Movement offers safety for one to move spontaneously in the presence of a compassionate witness. Essential to the process is the dependence of the mover on the relationship with the witness to provide containment, safety. A sense of deep connection evolves.

Movements are unpredictable, process-oriented, and not choreographed. Authenticity is not a goal to be achieved, but rather a constant process of unfolding. It is both sought... through deep attention, and waited for... with humility. Listening and tuning into internally generated cues... sensation, image, impulse, feeling... each person discovers authenticity in a uniquely individual way.