RTMY Rental Info

Thank you for your interest in renting Room To Move Yoga studio!
email Adrienne to book your rental or if you have questions or concerns. 

Rates & Types of Rentals

  • Events & Workshops: (e.g. single event/workshop, short-term series of classes, or multi-day workshop): $30/hr

    • Calculate your payment by length of class (1 hr, 1.25, 1.5, 2hrs, etc.) plus 30 minutes Entry/Exit time (15 minutes before and after your event time) x $30/hr x frequency.

      • e.g. 1.5 hr class + 30 minutes = 2.00 hrs x $30/hr = $60 per class x 3 weeks = $180 Total rental cost

  • Ongoing Weekly Classes: Rates are fixed and depend on frequency and length; but are based on $30/hr as well but with a few perks/benefits added. (Contact RTMY for Teacher Guidelines, rates, and more information.)

    • When renting ongoing weekly classes, you pay only for class time—15 minutes before and after class is included.

    • Ongoing classes have the benefit of keeping their specific time-slot, for as long as rental fee is paid.

    • Receive a $ discount for teaching 3 or more weekly classes.

    • Inclusion on monthly paper schedule.

    • Free listing and updates on RTMY website: online class schedule, class page, and teacher bio page.

  • Massage/Bodywork: $30/hr

    • You get full use of the studio: including massage room, treatment table, bolsters and props, changing room, kitchen, bath, lounge/reception and studio.

  • Private Rental: for personal practice, with no students and no income: $20/hr

Studio Availability

  • Check studio availability by viewing the RTMY Class Schedule. 

    • View current listings to see when they start/stop; pad classes and events listed time by 15 minutes before and after for entering/exiting studio.

    • Jump ahead weekly or monthly to see other possible events in your preferred time-slot or if classes resume in the future. (Contact RTMY if you have questions or concerns regarding choosing a time in our calendar.)

    • Private Rentals are marked as “busy” and start and stop at the time listed. (Private rental times may be available if your event is scheduled far enough in advance, contact RTMY for more info.)

  • The studio is available to rent 7 days a week between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. only—current schedule permitting. 

RENTAL Requirements

  • Per our landlords: classes, events, and workshops may consist ONLY of mindful movement modalities, such as yoga, dance, meditation, pilates, tai chi, etc. 

    • The name of your class/event/workshop must have a mindful movement modality included. (e.g. “Hatha Yoga” or “Pilates Mat”, etc.)

  • Per the City of PT: MAX NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE STUDIO IS 20, including teachers, facilitators, assistants, participants, students, parents, etc.

  • Recorded music/sound at medium level through speakers is okay; vocalizing (chanting, humming, toning) is permitted, though live music performances are NOT allowed by our landlords. 

  • Current Proof of Liability Insurance is required from each teacher (or substitute) to teach at our studio.

    • RTMY must be added as “additional insured.” (Contact RTMY for more information.)


  • Please book your rental with us before advertising your event at our studio, thanks.

  • Reservation for your class, event, or workshop is confirmed upon receipt of rental payment.

what are we looking for?

RTMY would love to book more mindful movement classes, events and workshops. We welcome ongoing classes or occasional events and workshops.

We encourage out of town teachers to use our studio when visiting Port Townsend.

We highly recommend to all who teach at the studio, to do at least 2 months print, digital, and social marketing to make your event/workshop/classes as successful as possible.

As requested by our students, we would love to add: Gentle Yoga, Beginning Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation classes but we are also happy to add other types of yoga, and mindful movement as well.



Studio entrance

Studio entrance

Lounge & reception

Lounge & reception

Massage room, changing area, and doorway to bathroom

Massage room, changing area, and doorway to bathroom