Yoga Basics Inside Out


with Ilana Smith, CYT
Mondays & Fridays, 9:00-10:15 a.m.

Class Fees: 
Drop-in class $15
Youth (10-28) Drop-in class $8

Or Prepay:
9 classes $108 ($12.00/class) Valid for 4 months after purchase.
20 classes $220 ($11.00/class) Valid for 6 months after purchase.
50 classes $500 ($10.00/class) Valid for 8 months after purchase.
(Prepay and start any day of the month. Does not apply to special events or other teachers’ classes.)

Contact Ilana regarding payment and registration

These slow-paced classes are deep yet playful. They can be powerfully enriching and transformative for students at all levels of practice... beginners to seasoned practitioners. We will explore and improvise yoga-based movements and breathing and gently unravel old patterns of holding to release and circulate vital core energies, connecting more fully with ourselves and the world we live in. Each class unfolds depending upon who is present, and what needs arise during in the moment-to-moment discovery process. Level 1-2.