Tinker Cavallaro

Tinker Cavallaro


Tinker cultivates a joyful, compassionate approach to relaxing and strengthening the body. She guides students through postures for flexibility, strength, and focus in a light hearted atmosphere.

Classes are steeped in traditional yoga, starting with prana breath work and flowing through asanas combined with Tinker’s own creative variations. At each class she offers adaptive instruction to fit an individual student’s current physical limitation. All classes offer a balance of vigorous and restorative poses. The breath is always the foundation.

At the age of 13 Tinker began learning basic asanas from one of her sisters who returned from University. She studied with Baba Hari Das at Mt. Madonna Center where she received teacher certification in 2003.

Regarding Tinker's class fees, please contact her directly at (360) 379-2882 or tinker.cavallaro@gmail.com.