Ward Serrill

Ward Serrill

ward serrill

Ward is a Soul Motion® teacher and DJ with over twenty years’ experience in tango, swing, Lindy hop, salsa, fusion and ecstatic dance. He is the founder of WordDance and co-founder of Alchemy Dance in Port Townsend.

He skillfully invites us into somatic awareness through dance. To move into one’s sacred embodiment in harmony with the breath and the earth beneath one’s feet.

“I am passionate about somatic awareness to transform our world. Coming into awareness of my own body and coming home to it as often as I can is the single most healing and liberating practice I have found. It has guided me through grief, trouble, challenge and into joy, pleasure and ecstasy. I love the practice of playfully integrating poetry and mindful movement to transform the every day.” —Ward

Regarding Ward's classes, events and fees, please contact him directly at (206) 920-8398 or info@woodycreekpictures.com.